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Born: March 5,1976
AGE: 23
BIRTH PLACE: Chicago, Illinois

     Born half Mexican half African-American, I was raised on the south side of
Chicago.  There I was raised by my parents, Eustacia and Alvin Davis Senior.
Being enfluenced by music in Grammar school, I continued my education after high
school at Florida A&M University.  Presently I am a Senior Music Education Major
and plan to graduate soon.


I love to play and write music, design web pages, and I absolutely love to go the the show at least once a week (if I have the time).


Presently, I am President of the Omicron Gamma chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Profesional Music Fraternity of America Inc. I am the Coligiate Province Rep. for Povince 36, and also a member of the world famous Florida A&M University Marching band. In the Spring in the year of our lord 1999, I did what I consider one of the most important things in my life. I became a member of H.E. Daniels Lodge #532 F&AM PHA. Under the Jurisdiction of the M.W.U.G.L.PHA Florida, Central America, & Belize


I have performed in various places for various people throughout the US. Including seven performances at Orchestra Hall in Chicago Il. and Carnige Hall in New York City. Being a member of the "Marching 100," I have performed for such professional teams and people such as the Miami Dolphins, the Atlanta Hawks, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Roy Disney, and in spring of 1997, President Bill Clinton; and although I have not graduated I have to claim that Victory for December of 1999.