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Click to zoom inSigma Alpha Iota

Click to zoom in1997 HBCU Convention

Click to zoom inDAMN -- we look good!!

Click to zoom in"The Wall"

Click to zoom in1996 MEAC Basketball Tournament

Click to zoom inLYRICAL LEGENDS OF LEVITICUS Fall 1996

Click to zoom inBe Out Day Bar-B-Q

Click to zoom in1997 HBCU Convention (group picture)

Recital Days:
The Omicron Gamma Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha gives some of the best recitals on the campus of FAMU as well as in Tallahassee. Here you catch the OG chapter leaving Lee Hall as we finish one of our great recitals.
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Sigma Alpha Iota:
Once a month the Theta Nu Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota and the Omicron Gamma Chapter have a joint meeting to talk about our future events together as well as have fun as a brother and sister organization.
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1st HBCU Convention:
In the spring of 1997 the Omicron Gamma Chapter Hosted the first ever HBCU convention. This convention consisted of the majority of the Black college chapters of Phi Mu Alpha, and had a special appearance by the 1997 National President.
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The Wall:
Here at FAMU, the Omicron Gamma Chapter has the largest public display of any type of letters Sheild, etc.., on campus.
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In the Spring of 1996 FAMU hosted the MEAC Basketball Tournament. During this event, several Black chapters came down with thier school's pep-band. Since we had so many brothers here we decided to have a party for everyone. Which included all the bands, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Tau Beta Sigma.
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Fall 1997 Probat. class:
This picture was taken after this probat. class became members of our Great Fraternity. Back to Pictures

Be-Out Bar-B-Q:
Every spring the Omicron Gamma Chapter takes on a big responsibility of cooking for the school. Besides three days worth of cleaning chicken, our chapter does not sleep for a period of 24+ hours to cook for the entire school.
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HBCU Convention:
This was the final scene at the 1997 Phi Mu Alpha HBCU Convention.
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